Special offering:

SPiritual Support sessions for

clearing Viral Fear

$40-$70 Sliding Scale

$70 payable by clicking 'Book Now' below

Other sliding scale amounts to @KardiaLumina on Venmo

All sessions done via Zoom, FaceTime or Skype

One of the many hats I wear is Hospice Chaplain.  As such, I've had a unique medical perspective and specialized information on the developing Cornovirus outbreak.  There is a lot of uninformed information out there and it's all moving through the media cycle very, very fast.  There's also a lot of true information out there that is worth paying attention to, evaluating seriously, and responding to with urgency. 


However, in addition to the spread of Coronavirus, there's an even faster contagion; fear.  


I take this second virus VERY seriously as it moves faster, spreads farther, and has deeper and more longer lasting impacts on our health than Coronavirus currently does.  Even if you're not as spiritually-oriented as me, there is study after study that shows the unbelievably detrimental long-term effects of fear and stress on our entire physical well-beings.  Many studies even show that the effects of a 'fear virus' are passed down through our descendents and communities. 


The good news is that the fear-virus is very easy to innoculate against, very easy to cure, and does not ever develop antibiotic resistance.  I know this sounds kind of gimmicky but I want to give you  tools and support to innoculate yourself against the spiritual fear virus while we collectively deal with the biological Coronoavirus.

It can be scary to watch fear spread outside our homes then feel it begin to spread within us.  I know I've felt it recently and have needed spiritual support to clear myself of fear patterns.  If you need this support right now I'm offering $40-$70 sliding scale sessions to heal fear patterns caused by recent Coronavirus outbreaks and provide you with tools going forward.


We'll address and honor the fear pattern, thank it for it's wisdom, build a new story of personal resilience and capacity to respond, and then give you three back-pocket spiritual practices to address any new fear patterns that may arise in the coming months.


This can be done alone or with a partner.  We need as many peaceful warriors as we can get right now so I encourage you to sign up with friends and family members.

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