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The ministers and practitioners of Kardia Lumina offer private spiritual support sessions, intimate group workshops, and life ceremonies for all our human milestones.

We work primarily with women, female identified, and trans*folx to offer in-depth spiritual support for whatever you may be facing in your life. 

Our sessions give you the experience and feeling of deep support, wellness, and vibrancy so you can best serve your own community and the world no matter what kind of work you do.

Our primary offerings include:

  • one-on-one spiritual companioning

  • symbolic visioning sessions with individuals and groups 

  • creation of sacred altars for your self/family/community/workplace

  • space clearings and blessings 

  • life event ceremonies (weddings, births, divorces, miscarriages, graduations, deaths)

  • heart-tending workshops for spiritual and religous organizations


Heart-tending workshops

The real work of activism begins when we bring our full selves into community.  Whatever your community is - book club, circle of sisters, church group, retreat center - we support you in using deep ritual and spiritual practice to foster intimacy, resilience, and healthy vulnerability.

Workshops include some combination of meditation, practice, prayer, movement, and song.  Potential subjects include contemplative spiritual practice, death and dying, Holy Mothers and Sisters, ancient scriptures, and crafting ceremony. 

Workshops are $800-$3000 depending on length and planned attendance.  Contact us for a $30 consultation deducted from your final price.

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