Crafting Good Endings

February 22nd  2020

2pm-6pm with potluck to follow

Denver, CO in-person Workshop


You get it; you’ve got to let go, move on, be done, have had enough.  

You get it; it’s over, you learned your lesson, you don’t work there anymore, the season has ended.

You get it; love expired, time ran out, money was used up.


You get it.  And yet somehow it doesn’t feel quite over.  You still think about them. You still follow the project feed.  You still have imaginary conversations with former co-workers. You still drive the same route without meaning to.  You still eat/drink/smoke the way you did when it was happening. You still dream about it. You still wonder about it.  You still hope there might be some of it left.


Whatever your ‘It’ is, it deserves a good ending and the truth is you have to be the one to craft it.  Your It could be a relationship, a job, a project, a role, a community, a degree, a decade, anything really.  And each of those things needs to be completed before you can move forward with your full energies for the next It.


Come join us for this four-hour workshop where we’ll honor the teachings of our experience, call back the part of ourselves trapped in the virtual reality of the past, work with the Psychopomps of Death, build a cleansing fire altar, craft a graduation ceremony of the heart, and conclude with a celebratory feast.


Workshop is $99 in Boulder, CO.  Location will be disclosed to participants February 1st. 2-6pm with potluck dinner to follow.  Please come prepared with blankets, chairs, pillows, and cold weather gear as there will be some outside activities.

From 'not no' to

'yes yes yes!'

Spirituality, Sexuality, & Consent

Online Course January 13 - February 10


The twin cores of human beings are spirituality and sexuality.  Their vibrancy and health depend on one another. When we are spiritually healthy, our sexual health glows and vice versa.  This four week workshop is an online private self-directed classroom designed to give you a vibrant spiritual architecture for consent. Using a combination of videos, music, partner and solo exercises, boundary/bridge building, and loving humor we will discover just how big the field of consent can be.  Consent isn’t just ‘Not no’ but something big enough to hold all our desires, fantasies, needs, and healings.


At the end of the four weeks you will have a good foundation for knowing what you want sexually and spiritually, how to ask for it, a deeper understanding of the spiritual power of Yes, and ways to build more and more play into nuanced consent experiences with partners new and experienced.  


We’ll cover and provide resources for multiple sexual situations including polyamory, solo exploration, gender/sexual identity, spaces beyond the bedroom, honoring past traumas, pre-setting consent, and consent play without sex.  


Course includes:

  • Four weekly videos from instructor and some very special guests

  • Bridge and Boundary building action homework to grow your field of consent

  • Journaling assignements for solo/partners work

  • Opportunities to connect with other students in the course and share experiences (anonymity and privacy honored and protected)

  • Oodles of affordable or free resources for learning about the many fields of consent and play

  • Individual spiritual care sessions offered at a discounted price

  • And lots more goodies in store!

You'll come away with:

  • A greater capacity for including spirituality in your sexuality

  • Ways to invoke the sacred in your intimate play

  • Non-sexual practices for expanded your personal field of consent

  • Tools for pleasure mapping with yourself and others to know what you really like

  • Identifying 'bridges' and 'boundaries' in the field of spiritual/sexual consent

  • Journal prompts and partners/solo writing exercises to build boundaries and bridges for consent

  • Opportunity to share your experiences with others, both challenging and rewarding

  • Resources for processing and addressing consent trauma, if needed

  • Lifetime access to materials and videos from the course


Course is $125 and goes from January 13th-February 10th with lifetime access to course material.  

This course is for people who are ready to play with giving and receiving consent in dynamic new ways. This course is not currently designed for folks who are actively dealing with unresolved trauma around consent violations. If that is you, we still want to help. Please contact us for resources and/or private pastoral counseling sessions. If, during the course, you discover that there is unresolved consent trauma in your past that’s ok and that’s what this course is also for! We will support you in connecting with resources that are right for you

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