In Breathwork, the Laws of Physics Do Not Apply

We have a habit as a modern western society of saying things like, "That's just your imagination," or "You're just imagining things." But imagination is actually the most powerful tool we have available to us, and the most real too.

Every other Thursday, I lead a group of Community Breathwork practitioners at Vali Soul Sanctuary in Boulder, CO. We gather for a 90 minute ceremony during which we use live music, sacred space, and our breath to induce an altered state of consciousness. Among the various instructions I provide to Community Breathwork practitioners, the most important always comes at the end; Remember, in the realm of the imaginal, the laws of physics do not apply.

This usually gets a few chuckles, and sometimes a few confused faces. "Why is she saying that," they must think. "It doesn't really seem related..." But what I want people to know is that by using the deceptively simple yet highly Breathwork powerful practice combined with our imaginations we activate the capacity to heal almost every emotional, spiritual, and physical wound we carry.

I know how bold that claim is.

And I don't actually expect a Breathwork practice to cure cancer or AIDS, or change your life back to what it was before sexual assault, physical trauma, or spiritual abuse. But I do believe that all healing is possible through utilizing imagination, even if that healing looks like a good death or simply profound acceptance and power that comes after transcending trauma.

But here is what the realm of the imaginal can provide, especially when we're supercharged with a dynamic breathwork practice.

  • We can imagine powerful, protective helpers next to us like bears, rivers, angels, and fearsome Goddesses as we re-visit memories that have kept us trapped in pain for years.

  • We can reimagine an endlessly patient parent who kisses skinned knees, soothes fevered brows, answers all questions, and celebrates all curiosities.

  • We can imagine a sacred temple surrounding and protecting us at all times constructed of the most perfect light-wave geometry, flowing water, sacred deities, lush carpeted rooms of sanctuary and rest, and flowers pouring over every shelf and across the floors and ceilings.

  • We can imagine traveling to the Pyramids or Tenochtitlan or Stonehenge at any point in time and watch them being built to discover their secrets

  • We can journey to the far edges of the cosmos and imagine the galaxies, star formations, and planets we encounter along the way as well as the beings that inhabit them

  • We can imagine a tunnel deep within the earth full of caves filled with gifts of the spirit world for us to utilize when we return to ordinary reality

Afterall, the Sacred speaks in the language of image and symbol. When we use our great symbol-generator - our imaginations - we are speaking the language of the Divine. And She loves to join us in our wild conversations of Breathwork and the living realm of the imaginal mind.

Join us for Community Breathwork with Medicinal Mindfulness every other Thursday to experience your own imaginations healing abilities.

Beginners and journeyers of all skill levels welcome! We can't wait to meet you!

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