New Moon Baby Jesus, Solstice, and A Solar Eclipse of the Heart

When I work with clients for Spiritual Support sessions, it can be quite the spiritual mish-mash. Among other things, I usually rely on the Judeo-Christian Scriptures, Dharmapunx lectures, tarot cards, the shape of the Blue Lotus tea plant, New Yorker cartoons ("It's always good dog this, and good dog that. It's never great dog."), and - like every good millenial - astrology!

I couldn't help but notice that we are in a massive astrological moment this coming week. The solstice occurs on Saturday, followed shortly by Christmas/a New Moon, and concluding in a Solar Eclipse on December 26th. Not to mention the calendar New Year just a few days after that. What does this all mean?! It means we have a chance to walk through four very powerful portals and start our story anew. Here's how you do it.

First, Winter Solstice is the time when we have the longest night of the year before the light slowly begins to return. Spend that time really going through all the shadowlands of your psyche. Take every single one of those dark hours and clean out the basement of your heart. Travel the Valley of the Shadow of Death and peer into the luminous darkness of Solstice to befriend every dark fear that has haunted you this year.

Rilke teaches us how to encounter the darkness of God in this prayer from The Book of Hours

"Whom should I turn to, if not the one whose darkness is darker than night, the only one who keeps vigil with no candle, and is not afraid— the deep one, whose being I trust, for it breaks through the earth into trees, and rises, when I bow my head, faint as a fragrance from the soil."

Second, the 2019 Baby Jesus arrives on the same night as the New Moon. Even if you're not Christian, this time of the liturgical calendar is all about anticipation and feverish hope during very dark times (Impeachement, anyone?). It's about endlessly searching the midnight sky for a star that says, I am coming, I am almost here. We like to romanticize the birth of Jesus as a quaint story of a warm barn filled with lovely animals and wise men bringing oils and gifts. But let me tell you, a barn in 1st century Bethlehem was no place to have a baby.

The Christian birth narrative is about rejection, being out of options, not knowing where the next meal is coming from, lack of affordable accesible health care, persecution, poverty, and total lack of resources forcing people to take shelter with animals (no offense to animals). And sometimes, that's what our New Moon energy is about as well. Dwindling light, loss and grief, losing fullness, descent into dark nights, and having everything we care about swept clean without knowing what is to come.

How to navigate Baby Jesus and the New Moon? Embrace the not-knowing. Live in beginners mind. Let "I don't know" become the phrase that sets you free from having to figure out what comes next. Give up everything that grew and matured in the full moon Roman empire of before and prepare to cross the portal without a single bag in either hand. Find freedom in having absolutely no home, no light, no guarantees. Turn your eyes to the sky and look for your star on this moonless night for it will certainly show you the way forward; a path of singular feverish hope as the only path left.

Third, Solar Eclipse and New Year! The sun is our guide for everything in the 'light'. It's the fire of life, it's what we project into the world. It's everything outside of us, it's our environment, it's the way we move through the world. When the sun eclipses we have a chance to reset all of that. To pause for a minute in the shadow of the moon (our inner psyche) and say, "Is this really what I want to be doing?" Culturally, the New Year does the same. We evaluate our year, we make resolutions, we decide to do it differently this time.

Take the double energy of the Solar Eclipse and the New Year and weave it into your intentions for change. Get clear on how you want to move differently through the world and then ask the sun for help. Sit in meditation with your intentions and resolutions and open your senses to feel the warm hand of support at your back.

Need help navigating all these transitions and how they affect your personal journey? You're in luck because that's what I do! This strange, beautiful human journey is very hard to do alone. I love walking with folks along their spiritual path and learning as much as I can about what it means to be deeply human and deeply alive. If you're in need of support, reflection, companionship, or just someone to talk to don't hesitate to book a Spiritual Care Session with me. We'll work with the astrology and mythology that makes sense for you to have good spiritual practices in your life that actually support your journey.

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