What is Kardia Lumina?

Kardia Lumina comes from the Greek and Latin words meaning Luminous Heart. In my first year as a Unitarian Universalist minister I’ve realized that spiritual health is less about the quality of my thoughts and more about the quality of my love. Since being ordained in June of 2018, I’ve loved imperfectly and in half-measures. I’ve loved deeply in a way that has broken my heart and mended it again.

I have loved confused people in a confused way and whole people with my whole heart. I’ve loved on-again-off-again, romantically, sexually, platonically, and cosmically. I’ve loved myself and fallen out of love with myself. I’ve learned to love in a gentler way and in ways that are more akin to the ash left after a forest fire. But through it all I have loved. And I’ve only loved because of my peer community of witches, queers, lovers, and queens.

Kardia Lumina is my business; the services I want to offer back to the Colorado community as a minister who's been shaped by the people who are here. Some services are classic like Individual Spiritual Coaching (which I discovered I’ve already been doing all along!). It’s the most simple yet effective way of travelling the road to healing and wholeness. Where two or more are gathered, there also is God and there also She makes us greater than the sum of our parts. In other words, I walk with you on your spiritual journey and together we witness how Spirit is moving in your life.

I also offer ceremonies and rituals to mark the important moments of our lives where we transform from one state of being to the next; weddings, funerals, baptisms, births, and deaths. But I also want to honor those moments that transform us but are usually kept hidden away; divorce, miscarriage, loss of employment, assualt and survival, or even just moving to a new city. For it’s not only us, but our entire communities that are changed when these events happen. When we’re able to use ritual to live through these events together we emerge with real resilience and joy.

Finally, because we are learning creatures who love to learn together, I offer workshops on spirituality, saints, death and dying, and religious practice. They say that talking about the spiritual part of life is like talking about the wet part of the ocean. My hope is to offer in-depth experiential workshops for us to actually dive into the wet part of the ocean together.

None of this work could happen alone. Though the timing is not quite ripe, please stay tuned for additional pastoral and ministerial practitioners joining me in the near future. For the thing I’ve learned most in the first year of ministry is that I never have to do it alone. My greatest hope is only that I am creating an open door through which many many many Luminous Hearts may pass.

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