This one-day workshop is your opportunity to experience intimacy with a hand-selected group of 20 people committed to expanding their realm of consent.  We’ll be practicing transformative listening, playing with consent asks, writing and drawing out our boundary bridges, eating nourishing food, and offering blessing and ritual to fortify our futures of Yes Yes Yes consent.  


This workshop is for you if you’re happy with your current sexual practices and are curious about how much bigger they could be.  This workshop is for you if you’re solo and want to walk into your next partnership able to fully request and express sexual consent.  This workshop is for you if you’re looking for a powerful No and a very powerful Yes in all your intimate encounters. This workshop is for you if you want to explore various physical and spiritual intimacies without having sex.  This workshop is for you if you want a deeper sense of play and healthy spiritual risk for healthy physical rewards in all your relationships.


This workshop is not for people who are actively dealing with unresolved trauma around consent violations.  If that is you, we still want to help. Please contact us for resources and/or private spiritual counseling sessions.  If, during the workshop, you discover that there is unresolved consent trauma in your past that’s ok and that’s what this course is also for!  We will support you in connecting with resources that are right for you.


Breakfast, Coffee/Tea, and Lunch will be provided.  All students will receive the From ‘Not No’ to ‘Yes Yes YES!’ workbook.  All students will be required to complete a 30 minute Zoom or Skype interview before being fully enrolled in the course.  All students will be given the option of doing one spiritual counseling session with Rev. Cindy Pincus .  If for any reason it is clear that this course is not a right fit for you at this time, we will work with you to help you find what you need.

Workshop - From 'Not No' to 'Yes Yes YES!'

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