Services & Workshops

INdividual spiritual care

for Burnout & Resilience

As a hospice chaplain and Earth-based minister, I've learned that the sacred witnessing of someone's journey is one of the most transformative practices I can offer.  We'll meet for 6 sessions to listen deeply for the mystery and momentum of your Story.  Together, we'll identify your stage in The Hero*ine's Journey,  and develop back-pocket spiritual practices to reconnect you with the joy of your life and activism.  

The Hero's Journey is a map developed by Joseph Campbell to help us understand our sacred path through life and how to claim our blessings and power.  In addition to ancient mythology, modern story tellers have utilized the Hero's Journey in the plots of movies like The Matrix, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter to name a few.  We'll combine this spiritual map with the practices of sacred listening, tarot, altar work, inner prayer, Sun/Moon portals and ceremony to heal your burnout and move you to the next step of your Hero*ine's Journey. 


6-week program includes: 

  • Session I: Finding your place in the Hero*ine's Journey

  • Session II: Talking to Spirit in the Language of Symbol

  • Session III: Identifying your Circle of Support

  • Session IV: Crafting your Altar and the Tree of Life

  • Session V: Using the Portals of the Sun, Moon, and Stars

  • Session VI: Returning to the Ocean of Spirit


Cost is $360  payable via PayPal, Stripe, or Venmo (@KardiaLumina).

Individual Spiritual support for healthy intimacy and relationships

Some experiences, desires, fantasies, and personal history can especially benefit from one-on-one attention.  Sometimes a confidential support session with a professionally trained spiritual caregiver is an opportunity to have someone really hear your story in a deep way and reflect back to you where Spirit is moving in your life.  Initimacy isn’t confined to the bedroom and all topics of intimacy and spirituality are woven together in these sessions. If you feel the need for private support around any issues of relationships, sexual history, future hopes and dreams, or a particular interpersonal experience, let’s work together.  


Session work could include mythological/scriptural guides, a tarot reading, meditation moments, prayer, blessings, and simple homework to help move your story into more and more beauty and life.

Sessions are $70  payable via PayPal, Stripe, or Venmo (@KardiaLumina).

Ceremonies and Blessings

As a cermonialist and progressive minister I've experienced firsthand how a well designed ceremony can elevate a very good experience to something sacred and timeless.  I offer skilled and progressive service design for weddings, memorials, baptisms, births, anniversaries and other major milestones; specializing in queer and poly frameworks.

It's also important to honor the difficult moments in life and so I assist folks to ritualize divorces, miscarriages, disenfranchised grief, and loss of employment.  Our practitioners have extensive experience with space and house blessings as well.

Consultations for Weddings, Baptisms, and Anniversaries are $30 and are discounted from your final price.  Consultations for Deaths, Divorces, Miscarriages and other Loss are complimentary.  Ceremonies range in price from $300-$750.

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