"I worked with Cindy last summer when I was living in my father's home for a couple months. I had a very turbulent upbringing within the confines of those walls.

Our goal was to rid the space of negative energies and associations and hopefully grant me peace of mind during my stay. Working with Cindy was nothing short of a transformative experience. Cindy asked me to bring pictures of people that I felt loved and supported by. We began by summoning the spirits of the four directions. Once they were present, we asked them to accompany us on thoughtful journey to each room and asked the people in the photos I'd brought to be with us and help support me on the journey. 

It was a beautiful experience to be able to walk through the house with Cindy and I can say with full confidence that this changed the experience of being in that house and I was able to live there with a total new sense of ease and presence.  

- H.S 

"Cindy possesses a wisdom that runs deep.  In her tarot readings, she acts as a gentle and open guide, allowing space for clients to build their own interpretations and understandings of each card.  I have found each reading with Cindy to illuminate areas of a problem or question that I had not before considered, allowing me to step back and see the bigger picture, and helping me gather a sense of purpose moving forward." 


- M.R.

From 'not no'

to 'yes yes yes!'

limited online course!

In my time as a queer minister serving congregants of all sexual orientations and genders, I've discoverd tha the twin cores of human beings are spirituality and sexuality.  Their vibrancy and health depend on one another. When we are spiritually healthy, our sexual health grows and opens, and vice versa.  This four week workshop is an online private classroom designed to give you a vibrant spiritual architecture for consent. Using a combination of videos, music, partner and solo exercises, boundary/bridge building, and loving humor we will discover just how big the field of consent can be.  Consent isn’t just ‘Not no’ but something big enough to hold all our desires, fantasies, needs, and healings.


At the end of the four weeks you will have a good foundation for knowing what you want sexually and spiritually, how to ask for it, a deeper understanding of the power of the Yes, and ways to build more and more play into nuanced consent experiences with partners new and experienced.  


Drawing upon my experience as both student and teacher of spiritual intimacy, we’ll cover and provide resources for multiple sexual situations including polyamory, solo exploration, gender/sexual identity, spaces beyond the bedroom, honoring past traumas, pre-setting consent, and consent play without sex.  

This course is for people who are ready to play with giving and receiving consent in dynamic new ways.  This course is not currently designed for folks who are actively dealing with unresolved trauma around consent violations.  If that is you, we still want to help. Please contact us for resources and/or private pastoral counseling sessions.  If, during the course, you discover that there is unresolved consent trauma in your past that’s ok!  We will support you in connecting with resources that are right for you as you complete the course.

Course is $125 and goes from January 13th-February 10th with lifetime access to course material.  Students enrolled in Online Course receive a discount for Individaul Spiritual Support Sessions through February 16th.

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